Dagfinn Klaveness

Optimist Dagfinn Klaveness

Perfect fit, good lasts and top quality; when he started in 1957 these were the kinds of shoes Dagfinn Klaveness decided to produce. At this time, Norwegian shoe factories were losing in the competition with lower cost countries. Across the country businesses were closing. A new company in Sandefjord stood out in these difficult times. One major Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten, under the heading "There Are Still Optimists", described Dagfinn Klaveness as the man who would not give up. Now we know how the adventure went...

Riding Boots for Queen Maud

At the end of the 30s, when Dagfinn Klaveness was co-owner with Petter Andersen, he was honoured with an important mission. Queen Maud ordered riding boots from him! These great boots are now on display in the Decorative Arts Museum.

Queen Maud boots

Klaveness expands

Klaveness Shoe Factory commenced exports to Sweden in 1968. With the brand "Hästen", now more than 100 years old, we have achieved a leading position in Sweden within the market for fashionable, comfortable shoes.

In 1988 we established a Klaveness factory in Portugal. The factory stands today as an effective, quality conscious and future-oriented production facility.

In 1992, we started to produce orthopaedic footwear, and since then we have invested significantly in the development and marketing of this type of product.

Through its active partnership with researchers, orthopaedic workshops and patients, Klaveness has developed a unique expertise in this type of footwear.

In 1996, we strengthened our Scandinavian sales and distribution network with the acquisition of Swedish company, Ortholine AB.

In January 2002 this company became known as Klaveness Medical AB. Klaveness Medical AB is responsible for sales and distribution of our Medical collection.

In January 2002 a new Klaveness plant was also ready to commence production. A new state of the art unit was established in Elblag, Poland to support international shoe production.

By July 2002, Klaveness UK was established with headquarters in Leicester to support UK sales.

Klaveness has now 230 employees in four different companies. The company now provides a wide range of high quality footwear, including fashionable and comfortable shoes for the High Street and for medical and orthopaedic specialty solutions.

We have always retained the original entrepreneurial idea: Make footwear that feet themselves would choose - footwear with perfect fit, good lasts and highest quality.